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Hi Ruth 
My Casey and Chuck Norris Senior puppies are doing really well. They sleep through the night. They even go to the back door to let me know they need to do their business. They love to sit with me and watch the late afternoon thunderstorms. They are very clever girls, they are easy to train and are very obedient. They put smiles on our faces every day.
Thanks again Marjorie O'Hara  
 Meet Luci
She is one of our schnoodle puppies. 
She sure loves a bike ride! We love to see people take a special interest in their pets. 
It is nice to see that both Luci and her owner enjoy the same hobby. LOL

We adopted our first puppy, an apricot schnoodle, from Ruth last spring. We can not really express how much love and joy little Molly has added to our lives. She is very friendly with all people and animals and always wants to play. She can run and fetch endlessly at the dog park and she does very well, she always spots the biggest dog there and runs right over to say hello. Molly is also very smart and has done well in learning the basic commands. She has also taken part in flyball classes and really enjoys them. She is a small dog but she has very long legs and she keeps up with us when we go jogging. ( Molly weighs about 15 lbs and is about 12" tall.) Molly is sweet and we are thankful to have her - we look forward to growing our family with another schoodle in the future. 


Thanks so much

Hi Ruth,

 I just wanted to say Thank you for filling the void in our lives on Sunday.  Little "Jackson" as he was named on your website has a new name of Oliver.  We made it about 1 hour away from your place tossing names around and all of a sudden both of us said Oliver at the same time.  So little man is Oliver.

Just an update,  he is a very smart puppy.  He has even put his new brothers and sister (my 4 cats) in their place eventhough he is 1/2 the size of them.  He struts around the house now like he owns it and is doing very well on his "puppy pottie training",  very few accidents.  He has won the heart of my husband, mind you Oliver ran into the house and stopped at his feet and scratched his leg to be picked up, once the puppy kisses were done, Oliver knew he was a keeper in this house and will have a very happy and spoiled life.

 Once I get some photos of him a little bigger I will definitely send them to you.

 Again,  thank you very much

Hi Ruth,


I purchased a mini schnauzer from you April 2015.  He brings such joy to our family.   My Mom has fallen in love with Rufus.  We are wondering when you will have another litter of mini schnauzer?


Enjoy the pics!




Hello Ruth

It is now about 3 weeks since we brought "snow" home. We have renamed her Bella. We have been having so much fun with her. She's already grown so much and has long legs. The training has been going really well. We decided to train her to go outside right away and have not used any training pads. We put a large piece of turf on the deck so she doesn't have far to go, just right out the door. When it turned cold we bought her a pair of little boot and she has had no problems. Actually loves being outside in the snow.

She is now asking all the time to go outside. She is a smart little girl. Still sleeping in her kennel at night and during the day when she is alone, but probably not for much longer. We will be taking her to puppy training in April and then I plan to also do agility training with her because she is full of energy and a good little jumper.

Well, I could go on and on. Needless to say we love her and are very, very happy with her. She will be spoiled or should I say loved? Can't wait to take her for walks.

Thanks Again Suzanne Irving

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